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Cape May County, Wildwood City

3008 Atlantic Avenue

Katherine Baker (?-1919)
WWI Heroine

Katherine Baker was recognized nationally and overseas for her efforts during World War I. Early in the war, she went to France and joined the French Hospital Service as a nurse. She was awarded the “Croix de Guerre et Fourragere” for her contributions there, and was the first woman to attain the rank of corporal in the French Army. When the U.S. entered the war, Baker was transferred to the American Red Cross. The Woman’s Overseas Service League Convention honored her posthumously in 1929 as one of the four “Outstanding Heroines of World War I.” Baker spent her summers growing up in this stately, Classical-Revival style home built in 1909 by her father, J. Thompson Baker, one of the founders of Wildwood. Katherine Baker and her sisters also were strong advocates for women’s suffrage, and this home served as a local campaign headquarters for the women’s suffrage movement. Many prestigious women involved in suffrage visited and spoke at this house, including Ann Howard Shaw, the first president of the National Woman’s Suffrage Organization. The women’s connection continued when the Wildwood Civic Club, a local women’s club involved in social and cultural affairs in the community, purchased this house in 1935 and continues to use it as its headquarters today.

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