NJ Women’s Heritage Trail


  • Arts, Culture, and Sports

    Although women have always produced domestic and folk art to enhance their homes, the evolution of women as public and professional artists has been a continuing process in New Jersey throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • Domestic Life

    Like women everywhere, New Jersey women have been central to the largely overlooked work of household laborer and bearer of children.
  • Education

    Women’s education, or the lack of it, has been central to defining women’s role in the family, the workplace, and in community life.
  • Historic Preservation

    Women’s volunteer organizations have played a significant role in the development of the American historic preservation movement since the mid-19th century, and in some ways, parallels the history of the movement itself.
  • Political Life and Government

    New Jersey women have had a unique and interesting political history that has impacted the policy and direction of state-level governance.
  • Voluntary Organizations and Reform Movements

    Women’s voluntary organizations have been a significant force in community building, religious life, social welfare, and environmental preservation in New Jersey.
  • Work

    Over the centuries, women have undertaken many forms of economic work, both paid and unpaid, in addition to the work of the home and child care.